Taking the Uncanny Valley further…

28 10 2008

Consider the Uncanny Valley crossed… at least on some level.

That’s right, that picture is a CG version of Korean actress Song Hye Kyo.It was created by Indonesian CG artist Max Edwin Wahyudi using a 3ds max and zbrush.The next big jump will be animating the mesh without it looking all stiff and dead like…

There are a lot of people who would argue that just because these collections of polygons are a physical representation of the human form they do in fact lack the essence that is what makes humans human. So what makes us human humans.. is it our soul?

But our souls are more of a spiritual concoction than a physical object, right?

Do you have a soul?

Are you a soul?

How did that “soul” get into your body?

Was it imparted to you at the moment of conception?

Did it come into your body at some time during your fetal development?

Were you given an “soul” at the moment you took your first breath, shortly after birth?

If you have a “soul” can you touch it, taste it, feel it, hear it, or smell it? Can you take it out and look at it? Can you see the “souls” of others? Are You, you the real person, the innermost, private, human being with all of your thoughts, inclinations, perceptions, concepts and beliefs, hidden longings, doubts and fears, beliefs and convictions, sensory perceptions and feelings?

If that can be answered than maybe we can be one step closer to creating CG imagery that connects with the soul, but for now I think we will have to be happy with CG imagery that aesthetically connects to us.




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