Chapter 2. Character Design

30 10 2008

The building blocks of the character design process used by       See Below.

Creating a character

Research – Anthony Ward

After reading this book I got a great sense of the basic rules on creating a character.

  1. Knowing Your Character.
  2. Character Design Sheet
  3. Making Friends

If there was one thing Anthony could pass on he reminds us over and over that when creating a character make sure that you know your character, your character should be your friend, and bringing that insight into the fray of my thesis how could anyone connect and get emotional involved if there is no basic friendship between my character and me.


Character Design & The Movies

29 10 2008

Taking all that I learned during my research into the uncanny valley and putting it to use in term of character development. The biggest choice when choosing a character is human or creature.. Looking at the success of all the CG films released over the last ten years you would be mistaken to thinking that creating a human character is the way to go, I don’t want to go to much into that right now as I will be covering that entire subject matter later on but for now, lets look at successful CG creatures.

Like most of research before I turned to the guys at Focal Press for an insight into all things computer generated. The book begins with a brief historical timeline and overview of creatures in the movies from the ice-monsters and lunar sprites of George Melies, to the earliest fantasies of mind-blowing CG creation.