Talk with Tony Chance.

30 10 2008

Tony Chance

I Met Tony during a talk in the Arts Institute at Bournemouth on a cold Monday morning but soon after getting a brief introduction of his past and current projects I was quickly warmed up with excitement that I would get to pick at his brain.

Tony has been working in the industry for over 20 years and has a lot of big budget credits for some of the films that I have enjoyed and been inspired by. It wasn’t a sit there and listen talk we actually got to make some sketches and he went into detail about how the art departments process and create characters.

A point I picked up during his analysis of Sam Mendes Road to Perdition” was the use of the narrative and the characters progression throughout the storyboarding process and than reapplying that to the characters and scenes to ensure that the story was progressing in each scene therefore ruling out any dead air or static shots that lead nowhere and just bore the viewer.

Although this is related to live action and not necessarily to the use of CGI or 3D animation I still think that this process should be carried through to all productions of story telling, therefore I created a flow chat that would show the process of creating a CG character taking into account the story, the environment, the modeling and all the composition needed.

See Below.